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Links to Frankenstein resources
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Mary Shelley's Novel Frankenstein

The Desert Fairy
Popular site with essays on the novel Frankenstein. Excellent study resource.
My Hideous Progeny
Devoted to Mary Shelley and Frankenstein. Contains a fully annotated text of Frankenstein.
A Frankenstein FAQ
Excellent essays on Mary Shelley and the novel at Watershed Online
Penetrating the Secrets of Nature
An interesting Frankenstein resource at the National Library of Medicine
The Literary Gothic
An abundance of Mary Shelley links at The Literary Gothic

Frankenstein and Theater

Romantic Circles
Excellent resource on Brinsley Peake's stage version Presumption
Frankenstein: the Musical
Website dedicated to the excellent musical written by Gary Cohen


Frankenstein Movies and Horror Films 

Dr. Geoff's Horror House
History of Hammer Studios.
History of Hammer Films
Another site about Hammer Studios.
Horror search engine
The Cinema of Paul Morrissey
Essay about the director of Flesh for Frankenstein from Bright Lights film journal
Sexual Subversion: The Bride of Frankenstein
Another essay from Bright Lights by Gary Morris, concentrating on gay aspects of Bride
The Kenneth Branagh Compendium
All about K.B. and several articles on his movie adaptation Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Roger Ebert reviews Bride of Frankenstein
One of America's most important film critics dissects Bride of Frankenstein
I Was A Teenage Frankenstein
Site devoted to this 50s cult classic and other teenage monster movies
British Horror Films
A humorous look at British horror
Sense of View
Trash and cult films with focus on horror/splatter films (in German language)

Miscellaneous Frankenstein stuff

An Exploration of Modern Monsters
Frankenstein, King Kong, Werewolves, Mummies, Vampires, Psychopaths
A weblog that tracks down appearances of the Frankenstein monster in pop culture
Photon Torpedos
This site has a special on Marvel Comics' Monster of Frankenstein